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A Better credit score for a better credit card !!

It isn’t rare to hear that a loan or a credit card application, of someone we know, got denied owing to a bad credit score. And then you would wonder where you would stand, had you applied for that loan or credit card. As we progress into a more evolved form of economy, cash transactions are gradually giving way to credit dealings. While in a country such as India, credit transactions haven’t really taken over the western way, but have nevertheless become a major trend giving the consumers higher purchasing power. Before you apply for credit card or loan it is crucial to understand the concept of credit score and how it affects you.

What is your credit card personality?

While the Rich dad’s son making money work for him, Poor dad’s son, was busy working for money. The difference in perception makes the difference of life. The old world school of thought may warn you of the downsides of living a “life of credit”, it makes a smart financial move to manage your credit and credit cards to your own advantages. Much depends on your lifestyle requirements and your spending habits. You wouldn’t need to change to own a specific credit card. Just own a credit card matching your personality. But the flip side of too many options is too much confusion.

Shop online for credit cards

Remember Richard Gere advising Julia Roberts in Pretty Women to buy a few trivials from the store – “Stores are never nice to people. They’re nice to credit cards.”? Well, for whatever the world has come to be, credit cards have today become a part of our everyday lives. From essentials to luxuries and from dreams to realities, there is a swipe behind every successful transaction. While they are extremely tempting, keeping your wallet as full before and after a buy, they are also a great tool to keep your financial scores in order.

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